Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Achilles, who did electric work

Achilles, who did electric work, stopped dead when he saw her in the hallway. "Where are you now!" he beamed kindly.

"I'm not here," she said, "I'm just visiting." She kept her coat on. 

She remembered that one day, on her way out, she had noticed a flickering bulb. She'd scribbled herself a Post-it to call Achilles in the morning. "A reminder," said the note.

From his perch on the ladder, Achilles had complimented her on the Fage yogurt she was eating. 

She remembered also that a guillotine had been parked outside Rackets for over a week. Everyone said it wasn't a guillotine. But it looked like one, and it bore an index card warning, "No riders." 

"You've only gotten funnier with time," said her neighbor one cube over.  She used to talk to him when he wasn't there. When she left the office, he wrote her, "Hallmark don't make a card that says, Come Monday something will be missing from my job."